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                 Some Banbury News.
one volume of a bible belonging to the old man,
and petitioned for the rest, inasmuch as he had
others; he made no reply but held on to the
odd volumves.   Dick Bolton is still with 
each �growling at each other.�   George hears
but seldom from England; �Harry, William
and Sally contrive to live discontentedly together:
Sally�s sensibility �(Oh! bosh about Bolton
feminine sensibility � let George Gardiner see to it?)� quail-
ing under the rude and selfish tyranny of
Bill � Poor girl!�        George had a letter from
his sister Rosa; �they seem contented and
happy, I believe they will continue so� � of course!
isn�t she a Bolton?            Finally George gives
me a kindly invitation to visit him, which his
wife seconds.     I do like the fellow, but am
impatient with the rot attributing all the gushing
amiabilities to his sisters, who have been reared
in a right selfish school and know their little
games as well as any of their sex.     Drawing
on wood.     Going out after dinner, met little
Maguire.         I told her that Ledger was coming
and watched the effect; she reddened, was
flustered, fluttered and curious.       In Broad-
way met Pancknin, from Charleston.          He
told me that he had a letter from George Bab-               
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