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Text for Page 079 [04-10-1861]

          Will Waud a Southern Volunteer.
bage for me and confirmed the report of Will
Waud�s having volunteered; he is now doing duty
with the two Murdochs on Morris� Island, has
been there three weeks.     Pancknin promised to visit
me, bringing Babbage�s letter, and we parted.       To
Haney�s office, found him at that of the �Courier.�
He had a letter from Bellew, talking of returning
in the summer.    Haney up-town with me, dined
and spent the evening.      When we ascended the stairs,
after our meal, Cahill was there, as usual, so
Haney spoke to him friendly enough and Cahill
retold his English items, for Haney�s benefit.
We smoked awhile, I drew and Haney got to
reading Thackeray�s �Philip,� in the �Cornhill.� He
left about 9, leaving Cahill with me.         Cahill 
had met Nast walking with Sally in Broadway
this afternoon.

[newspaper clipping]
		A clear instance of the determination
to keep all information from the North if possible
is evidenced by the course pursued toward Mr.
Ward, the special artist of a New-York illustra-
ted paper.  On finding it difficult to get passes
to and from the islands, and proceed with the
duties of his profession, he �went into the
army,� joined the Marion Artillery, and bedecked
himself in Palmetto livery.  He is now doing
duty on Morris Island; but, as far as his objects
are concerned, �it is no go.�  He is under the
most strict surveillance, and is not allowed to
send any sketches of the fortifications North.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
		Here�s the �Tribune� par-
		agraph about W. Waud.
		It appeared about two
		weeks ago.x  Rather an
		unwise proceeding on the
		part of Master Bill, I
		think, but highly char-
acteristic.	(x It was written by Buckstone, alias Ramsay.)
  11.  Thursday.   Drawing on wood all the               
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