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Text for Page 158 [08-21-1851]

              all the time. Wednesday dismally rainy sans intermission.  Lady in adjoining
room in training for a cantatrice, practising singing during the morn and afternoon,
producing marvellous sounds from her vocal apparatus.   Got another letter, dismally
attemptive from the hapless Keating, and the last, for I write to him no more.   Finished
No1 of my Ghostly Series.  Adam of Mentz.
  22. Friday. Making fair copy of story all day, save a rush out down town
for paper, and a call on J B Holmes.  Great disquiuetude & vilification at Washington
street, (Keating staying at home all day to concoct letter.)      Evening going out, 
the procession of �sympathizers� with Cuba were passing met Mrs Kidder, who told
me her new address, 368 Broadway.  Writing till late at night.
  23. Saturday. Sent off letter and story to Alf, per post;  meeting the English-
surveyor who had called in at Holmes�, and having talk with him awhile.  Called on
Butler, then to Richardsons (he slightly riled about Mr Hart,) then to the �Leader�
Office.  Talk with Picton, got lot of �exchanges� to send home, then to dinner.  Letters
from Alf, from Washington Irving with autograph; � [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]  Making a drawing of the Cuba fellows shooting the 50 Ame-
ricans all the afternoon.  Evening an unsuccessful walk to the Battery, then to Canal
Street.  Little woman sayeth that Homer Hall oweth her money to small amount, &
that she thinketh the old gentleman may be dead. Now I hope not. [words crossed out].
To barbers for hour cutting, shampooing, then back.   Letter writing.
  24. Sunday. Finishing sketch of �the shooting the filibusteres.�  Afternoon, reading,
idling, luxuriating.  Evening Joe called; out with him, leaving him at the door of
Mrs Kidders new abode.   And now here I sit, at 1/2 past 11, taking a cigar
�en nightgown, after another evening there.  Verily, without strong faith in truth and
worth in the world, this society would render one [words crossed out]
[word crossed out] to the core.  Lets put all down in detail, for the dear trash and
folly of it.  When I arrived Mrs K sate talking with Pope, Lotty at the
other corner of the room with �Bottom,� Stewart.  Ere long she, Mrs K spake               
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