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Text for Page 082 [04-11-1861]

   Olive Waite and Sarah Louisa Maguire.
but persisted and refrained from perpetually
taking aim at the girl�s heart on his knees �
(a bad position, in spite of Jerrold, as it leaves
one frightfully open to a kicking) � he might
have won.           We met Carrington of the
�Commissionaire� in Broadway and stood talk-
ing with him when Matty and Eliza passed
�� It was this and not yesterday evening
that Haney supped with me and met Cahill in
my room; yesterday we walked up-town to-
gether, but parted at the corner of Bleecker
Street.          I sent out Cahill for beer from
the Optimus at 11, when I�d finished a drawing.
  12.  Friday.   Drawing on wood till 5, then
down-town with blocks, returning with Haney.
Cahill up in my room as usual, impecunious:
helped him.     Together to the Bartow�s, where
he left me at 9 o�clock.       I had promised
little Maguire to come, but supposing I should
have arrived earlier, if at all, she had gone
out.    Found Miss. Olive C. Wait alone and 
talked with her till 11 � when little Maguire
came home with a Mr. Higgins, or some name
like it, which Higgins had a recently pub-
lished extra �Herald� wherein I read how
War had veritably begun in Charleston               
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