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Text for Page 085 [04-11-1861]

          Excitement in New York City.
As I told Dana, they have found out the right
title for Morgan; if ever there were a fool, and
one meriting the prefix of �the theological equiva-
lent for very� before the Solomonic appellation,
he was one.  A jerky-minded offensive ass;
one could have predicted what must be his end,
some day.       I did paragraph 2, of course.
  13.  Saturday.   Drawing till 4 � then
down-town.   Dropped in at the arms-dep�t;
Lindsay at Newhaven.        Crowds round the
bulletin boards at the �Times� and �Tribune�
offices; a telegram up announcing Fort Sum-
ter in flames, Anderson supposed to be capit-
ulating, a good deal of excitement.  (I had
got an e a �Post� and read particulars,
coming down-town.)     To Haney�s office,
saw him.     Learning that the �Illustrated
N.Y. News� folks wanted soe more of my
Charleston photographs, I went there and
found only Alf Waud, at work, in big
boots worn knee-high, outside his trousers.
He began to talk objurgation of Nast, pro-
posing to caricature him as Sol Ey-
tinge�s dog.x  Nast, it appears, is a very
cocky and captious little begger in the of-
fice; he comes there very early in the morn-
	x See 110-11.               
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