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Text for Page 086 [04-12-1861]

         Alf Waud, Sol Eytinge and Nast.
ing and is exceedingly industrious and would
illustrate the whole of the paper, if they�d let
him.   �I told him,� said Alf Waud, �that we
(Sol and himself) should be discharged or get an offer of $10 a
week, reduced salary.    He toadies Sol and Sol
likes it.       He imitates him in everything, tries
chaff, but is soon knocked over and dreadfully
offended.    They set on me, not long ago, but I
shu shut �em up so that they got mad and
wouldn�t speak to me for a day and a half,
and then Sol came round again, as if nothing
had happened.�    Sol has extraordinary powers
of aggravation in chaff, but I think in positive
verbal brutality Alf could lick him.   The office
has much the same hateful conversational at-
mosphere which Haney, Sol Eytinge, Bill
Waud and I dwelt in, five years ago, in
the basement of the house in which I write.
Only it is worsened by the positions of Eytinge
and Waud in their domestic relations; they are
both irreparably damaged by them.        Alf went
on about Nast: �Isn�t he German? doesn�t
he go in for doing things in a hurry and sack-
ing the money?  He is as conceited as can be
on the strength of his going to Europe.   Peard
(Garibaldi�s Englishman) and the fellows in               
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