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Text for Page 090 [04-13-1861]

	  Cahill�s Poverty.
word to him, for all they knew or care, he
might be starving in the streets.   They can�t
even pay small sums owing to him; though they
doubtless whore and drink as usual.     Shepherd,
who said, �why didn�t you come to me?�, hasn�t
a cent, O�Brien makes miserable appointments
with the poor chap, but don�t pay him and Mul-
len is �very sorry� and will always pay � to-
morrow.     Seymour gave Cahill $5 on Mon-
day; I�ve done little, but the rest; he has had
no help from anybody beside.         At Haney�s
room, talking, smoking and drinking gin-and-wa-
ter, with him and Hayes.     In the absence of the
latter, we talked a little of Sally and Nast.
And we drank Major Anderson�s health, and gave
three cheers for him.        Left at midnight, re-
turning to my room and Cahill.          Made him
up a bed on the floor, in front of the stove
(my bed is a small one), where he passed
a better night than he would have done out of
doors, for it rained heavily.
  14.  Sunday.   With old Jewett to Chapin�s,
expecting he would improve the occasion, by talk-
ing on the fight in Charleston harbor.             Return-
ing, passed Jack, Matty and Sally, the second
catching my salute and returning it with a               
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