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Text for Page 091 [04-13-1861]

	Yet another Evening
kind smile.     Left Jewett, went to the board-
ing-house to which the Woodward girls have
removed, left card, returned to dinner.       (Ca-
hill had breakfasted with me, then going off
to Bellews� church, to make a brief report of
the sermon for the �Times� � the first time he
has been in a church for more years than he
remembers.    He returned after dinner and
was up in my room with Richardson and
Boweryem, presently going down-stairs with
the latter.       Dozed and scribbled.        Again
at Chapin�s in the evening; heard half-a-
sermon.    Joined Jack and Matty after ser-
vice, walking to the house together.   Sally
and Nast and Eliza and Tousey were
also church-goers; I did not see them
until I had descended into the basement, where
I was conversing with Haney and Mrs. Ed-
wards, when they joined us.    Tommy went
over and sat, rather prominently and awkward-
ly, beside Sally in front of the piano.   Haney,
I and Mrs E. (paterfamilias never has
much to say) found enough to talk of, and
rather left the others to themselves.   Tommy
had tried a smart saying at Haney�s ex-
pense and come off as usual, in consequence.               
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