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Text for Page 092 [04-13-1861]

	          At 745.
I don�t think the young fellow showed at all
well, in his new relation.    At such a time, if ever,
a man � a young man, too � should be kind
and friendly, disposed to goodwill to all around
him, full of delicious humility, blended with triumph,
grateful for the happiness which has fallen
to him; in short as good as his nature
is capable of.    There was none of this; I am de-
ceived if there was not latent vulgar triumph, a
tendency to insolent assertion of his luck; his con-
quest.        Sally, too, didn�t look too happy, or too
much at ease, beside him.       She flushed up occa-
sionally, giggled and talked, with awkward inter-
vals of silence.       He did a little buffonery, too,
with the girls in general, and, squat on a music
stool, the whole of his podgy figure visible, didn�t
appear to advantage.           I made a point to do
only the initial courtesies to the girls, unless
they indicated goodwill towards a little chat, which
good humored Matty presently did, when I talked
awhile to her, as did Haney, joining us.         Eliza,
on the sofa, cultivated Tousey, or laughed at
Tommy�s sallies � for she is temporarily of the
Nast-y faction.         So the evening wore on till 
11 o�clock came, when with a cordial good night
to Mrs. Edwards, a cool �good evening, ladies!� in               
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