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Text for Page 093 [04-14-1861]

           Nast accepted by Sally.
stead of the old, pleasant shakes of hand
all round and the little half-confidential
bits of chaff, the lingering in the passage,
with the three loved, girlish faces laughing at
the doorway and protracting the good night
into a ten minutes� performance � all to oc-
cur, I suppose Nevermore! � I shook hands
with honest Jack and with Haney, turned out
into the street, the others following.    Walked
home with Haney and smoked for half an
hour or more in his room, talking of Sally.
Jim Parton had asked him to-day, �if he
had heard the news?�       Haney knew what
news; Tommy�s acceptation.     Jim understood
that it was to be a long engagement, in which
case I wont ensure its consummation; for
Tommy mayn�t wash.   Not that Sally has not
a much more favorable estimate of him than
Haney and I, who agree perfectly on that
head; I have chronicled her view of Tommy�s 
character, as confided to me at Grafton.     But
I do fear that the girl has gone miserably
and wilfully into a match that won�t result
in her happiness.   She don�t love Tommy, in
spite of the secret correspondence, of which, I
suppose only I, Eliza and the principals know.               
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