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Text for Page 095 [04-14-1861]

      Speculations � and Wrong Ones!
fully mature age for unwedded women in
this premature country!) � has said Yes
wilfully, without love at the back of it.
If they marry, after the first flush of selfish
happiness (the inception of which shows so question-
ably) his inherent nature will develop in a man-
ner hardly calculated to content Sally.   She is
reticent by habit, in spite of her confidences with 
me; she tries to become more so, from distrust
of people; she will not gratify him with enough
manifestations of affection to satisfy his master-
ful proclivities, nor has he cleverness, depth
or sensibility enough to teach her to love him.
Like almost all women, she is not large na-
tured and catholic; she will apply the foot
rule to his actions, punishing him by silence
and dissatisfaction, which he wont bear well.
He is not quick-hearted and sensitive enough
to appreciate her pretty ways and muliebriety;
a coarser woman would satisfy him better.
Then, too, his notion of domestic economy will
conflict at innumerable points with hers.  Though
her home isn�t an affluent one, these girls have
been reared to liberal instincts, not subjected to
the parsimonious economies prevalent in an igno-
rant Deutchen household, where the mother is               
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