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Text for Page 096 [04-14-1861]

	How Haney takes It.
cook, washerwoman and servant; where they
have sour-kraut as a standing vegetable.   He can-
not give her the society she�ll want; pleasant
and refined people won�t accept him, simply be-
cause of his thrift and aggressive luck.      Sally
secretly thinks she can rule him; if it prove so
she won�t be happy; she�d like a man better who
could hold the whip-hand of superior wit and
irony over her.    I think he�ll try to rule coarse-
ly.    Nicholas might have done better; he was a
gentleman of address and manners, though vain
and soft-headed.      �She missed it in not accept-
ing him,� said Haney.     �She made a worse mis-
take before,� added I.           He has got bravely over
it now, though he did love her dearly, and will
always feel that interest which is half-pain, about
a woman who once inspires the passion in a true
man�s heart. �She would never have been the wife
for me, as they all tell me,� he avers.          Mrs. Ed-
wards has been very tender with him; her woman�s
nature comprehending his case and affording him
quick sympathy.      �I wish you�d have fallen in
love with Matty,� I said.        �I can�t!� he answer-
ed, though he averred that she�d be the most help-
ful mate of the three.        So we talked till past
midnight, when I departed.                I should have               
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