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Text for Page 097 [04-14-1861]

          Mrs. Levison won�t see Cahill.
liked to have felt friendly to Sally�s husband;
to have shaken him by the hand on the wedding-
day and to have wished him happiness with all
my soul; to have touched her cheek with a kiss,
and have bidden God bless her! but it won�t
be so, and so let the matter rest.         Possibly
I do him injustice, after all.     I hope so.
  For the hundredth time I observe how curiously
events hinge on one another: Haney introduced
Nast as a substitute for Cahill; that his
absence mightn�t be felt in our little circle.  He
thought Tommy might do for Mat or Eliza �
never apprehending that he was thereby risking
the realization of Benedick�s simile; � �The flat
transgression of a schoolboy who, being overjoyed
at finding a bird�s next, shows it to his companion,
and he steals it.�
  15.  Monday.   Down-town, to the �Evening
Post� office, saw Maverick at the top of the
building, among the printers; Godwin in Washing-
ton still.         To Haney�s, met Larason, who talk-
ed of Mrs. Lev�s refusing to see Cahill, or to have
anything to do with him � unless to receive back
the money.   �If he repented, why didn�t he return
the money?� � that�s her logic.      I wonder she re-
sisted the temptation of an opportunity for blowing               
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