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Text for Page 100 [04-15-1861]

	A blatant Patriot.
English was proclaiming his pro-slavery senti-
ments, d__ning the �Tribune� and declaring his
readiness to assist in hanging Dana.           Smith,
though a democrat, showed well in his real regard
for and regret about the dissolution of the Union.
His honesty of conviction contrasts signifi-
cantly with the interested mock-patriotism of his
partner, Briggs, who once a sneakish Republican,
prone to assailing the �Tribune� anonymously (though
he took its money), is now rampant for bloody
war on the South and can find no abuse strong
enough for men who, though they have a bad cause,
entertain a higher sense of honor than he can
dream of.   Indeed the blotch-faced old hack
wants a berth, and bellows partisanship in con-
sequence.   I wish such as he and Stedman were
obliged to demonstrate their anti-Southern cackle
in face of a few Carolinian rifles, levelled
by such lads as honest Dan Miller�s company!
There are no bigger curs extant than these
venal traders.               Met Picton who talk-
ed abuse of the Irish.      Up-town.    Writing all
the rest of the day, till midnight and later;
principally the last twenty-six pages.
  16.  Tuesday.   A drenching day.  Men at
work mending a huge fall of plastering in the               
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