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       Another atrocious lie of Ledger�s.   Miss
	Wait going to be Married.
sloping side of the attic, which hole has been in-
creasing during the last four months.     I writing in
the next room.      Writing and drawing all the
afternoon and doing a little of both at night, till
11.      Cahill and Boweryem both up.        Mrs.
Boley happening to pay me a visit during the af-
ternoon, when Cahill was present, they got to
talking over the Ledger and Maguire affair, in the
course of which it appeared that Cahill heard
Ledger boast of being equally successful with Miss
Olive Wait as with little Maguire.     
                   He was a great liar.      By the way
Miss Wait is to be married on Friday, to one Ham-
ilton Bragg; she sent me an �at home� card the
other day.   Her husband will take her to Cali-
fornia.      He is an old flame, from down-east,
who knew her before he went to California.   It was
little Maguire who told Ledger of the baby down-
east, and he communicated it to Cahill, who
informed me and Mrs. Boley.      There was a queer
sort of confidence between the two last before his flight.
She is an easy-going woman, who seems to consider
a certain margin of looseness as inseperable from
and admissable in your so-called jolly fellows.
An item about Stedman: Boweryem went the other
night to a musical evening at the house of Phillips,               
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