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Text for Page 103 [04-16-1861]

                Boweryem helps Cahill.
trow not.    If you asked him he would say, If it
were not for wife and family � when it would be
a fair retort to tell him that the best proof of his
affection for them would be going off and getting shot.
  17.  Wednesday.   Drawing all the morning.   Cahill
at work for Boweryem, scissoring out newspaper ad-
vertisements.   Boweryem undertakes payment for his
board.        He was going to offer him $1 a day for
his services when I suggested payment of one half, let-
ting the remainder work of the $5, borrowed of the
little man before the embezzlement; it�ll be justice
to Boweryem and a lesson for Cahill.     Down-town
by 5, to Haney�s office, found Alf Waud there.
An invite from the latter to both of us to go a-fish-
ing with him on Sunday.    Walked up-town with
Haney.     A good deal of excitement down-town; the
mob forcing the obnoxious newspapers to display
the American flag, which is getting hoisted all
over the city.      Writing till 12 or later, Cahill
in my room.      He slept there.
  18.  Thursday.   A Charleston acquaintance in

[newspaper clipping]
Several suspicious characters were arrested and
taken to the guard-house, among them the cor-
respondent of The N. Y. Times, and an English
gentleman of the name of Russel Ramsay, who
was suspected of being the correspondent of THE
TRIBUNE.  The latter, it is said, claimed and
received protection from Robert Bunch, esq.,
her Britannic Majesty�s representative, and was
immediately discharged.  I should have been ex-
tremely sorry had any harm befallen him on my 

[Gunn�s diary continued]
		and out of trouble again,
		as I learn from the an-
		nexed, scissored from the
		correspondence of the �N.Y.
		Tribune� of to-day.
		Buckstone alias Ramsay, wrote it!               
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