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Text for Page 104 [04-16-1861]

           The Excitement in New York
In doors drawing on wood all the fore and after-
noon, Cahill with me intermittently.      Billing-
ton joined us about 5, being, like everybody
else, virulent against the South and all for
war.       And Boweryem came home perfectly
rampant, declaring that he was going to com-
plete his naturalization to-morrow, and that he
regretted with all his heart that his height did
not allow of his enlisting as a volunteer for the
war; furthermore talking denunciatorily of
the purple-faced beast Levan, saying that
the worst traitors were those whose cowardice
prevented their joining those in arms against
the government, and that if he saw any such
at the Union Square meeting on Saturday, he
would proclaim them as such to the people! Le-
van sat by all the time, saying never a word.
Boweryem deserted afterwards, privately, that
he wanted an opportunity of slapping the Phila-
delphian�s face.    The little chap is the gamest
of bantams (?)       After supper, in the parlor,
talking with a Mrs. Butler, a demi-widow,
with a husband extant, somewhere, until Bil-
lington and Boweryem came down.    With them
to the Armory of the 7th Regiment, Phillips
piloting us.    A dull, raw night, promising               
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