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Text for Page 105 [04-16-1861]

          On the arrival of Major Anderson.
rain.     A great crowd in the hall and various
rooms belonging to the various companies.  Recogniz-
ed O�Brien among them � he goes with the corps.
Saw Berger, Griswold and Cutler, Kettle had
left.   Men being enrolled, fellows comparing
revolvers &c.            Left and with Billington to
the Brevoort House, where Major Anderson (late
of Fort Sumter. S. C.) sleeps to-night, after his
welcome into New York, in the expectation that there
might be a serenade and a crowd, but only a
few persons were present.   So parted with Bil-
lington and returned to my room and Cahill.
Returning through the dull, moist, close night
� just such a one as many which I experienced
at Charleston, while stalking about with Car-
lyle � I could not but parallel New York at
the present time with the focus of rebellion in
South Carolina.     The war fever runs high here
now and exhibits just the same ominous symptoms
that it did down south.   There�s the same intens-
ity of conviction that justice and right is on the
one side, the same bitter depreciation of antagonists.
The business affects me painfully, but it is
curious to be a looker-on at it, particularly
when one has seen the other side.
  19.  Friday.   Down-town with Cahill.     To               
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