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Text for Page 108 [04-19-1861]

            A bad time for �Doughfaces.�
Levan who ate his leek in silence, and cleared
out as soon as possible.    The very women are
getting �down on� him and will hardly speak
to a Secessionist and �doughface� now.  He nar-
rowly escaped getting licked by hearty Griswold
the other night.         The beast was venting his hate
against Massachussetts, denominating it as a state
populated by shoemakers and hoping that every
Northern man who went South in the service of
the U. S. government, would be �welcomed with
bloody hands to a hospitable grave.�     Griswold
told him he was a traitor; that he deserved
to be hanged; that he himself would put the
rope round his neck.     The fellow talked of
resenting it, but for the presence of �ladies.�  On
which Griswold tarried till he left the house,
repeated his words, and invited him to, �Come
right out, like a man, if he were one!�     Levan
moved off.    A fire-company passing was attract-
ed by the scene, when Griswold denounced
Levan as a red-hot Pro-Slavery Man and
a Secessionist, saying that he would be a Judas
Iscariot, but hadn�t pluck enough.      �We�ll
take care of him!� shouted the fire-boys,
but Levan got off.         Little Boweryem
called to Griswold to come to him at the               
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