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Text for Page 109 [04-19-1861]

             Boweryem on the Rampage.
supper-table and told him, as he did me after-
wards, that he had denounced Levan to a Vigilance
Committee!    I forgot to say, first of all that
Boweryem has volunteered!      I found the little
man in the hall, on my returning to dinner,
with a big Union cockade on (pinned by the hands
of Susy Woodward, who �would only take twenty
cents for it, wholesale price,� at her store in
Broadway) and in a great state of excitement.
He said he had joined the �Scott Guard� � a very
hard-looking crowd.    He talked so rampageously
at the dinner-table that he excited a perfect
rattlesnake animosity in Mrs. Ham, which Irish
bitch (there is really no word but that in the
English language which will do justice to her
nature) affected to be angered by the little
man�s absurdly wholesale denunciations of priests,
whom he declared to be always on the side of op-
pression and tyranny.      �He attacked my religion!�
I heard her say, looking like a mad cat, af-
terwards.   �When she ates meat all through Lent,
and on Fridays, the big hypocrite!� was the sub-
sequent comment of the honest Irish servant-
girls, who like little Boweryem and despise
the widow, for all her carneying.    This after-
noon, too, we saw Phillips off to the Armory,               
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