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Text for Page 161 [08-24-1851]

              jot of regard or care for them � no more than she would have for her listeners, 
were they not listeners.   Pope, [word crossed out] turning over leaves of Tusso, which I
had brought for Jane Gibson.   [words crossed out].     Presetly
Miss Jane  & Mason returned from a walk � (bye the bye Mason leaves Canal
Street, and has a room here, with Mrs K in future.)   Talk with her awhile
then with Lotty.  Bright eyed, wayward girl, what a fool�s world is your lot cast
among, � all hollow natures, and not one to understand you, or love you for what
you really deserve loving for.  As I sat beside her, I could not help talking earnest-
ly to her � with the especial proviso however that I was not in love, or
going to be. �What?� said she �you think I�m too much of a fool!� �No,� quoth
it; � were I sixteen in stead of progressing for ^|5| and twenty I would be, �as
tis I�ve other things to do in the World!� And so I have.     She said she
wanted one �who�d love her for herself and nothing else, one who was generous,
would trust her, &c  she didn�t care about his being good looking, were he a
gentleman! &c.�     [word crossed out], She�ll surely find him, � impatiently fritter-
ing away time and familiarity with Bottom, or any number of Bottoms.  I told
her of how I and Charley would lie awake & talk about her, whereat she
said �Mr Gunn, you�re very cruel.�     And anon, that I was excentric.
[words crossed out].     This was tete a tete, with interruptions.
/ Jane Gibsons a pleasant, frank, wishing to please girl, with a desire of belief
in people.   Tete a tete with her. /   More general talk.     Finally, as I stoop-
ed to light cigar from lamp on the staircase   I heard Mrs Kidder say �He�s a 
strange mortal!�     [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out].   /                           Now I think I
can do justice to the Brown family � thus.  1. Unknown sister who has wor-
ked as a sister to bring them all up, well.  One whom I think they honor, and are
jealous of favor with.  Alfred Brown, Albany, know naught about him, save               
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