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Text for Page 111 [04-19-1861]

     Olive Wait becomes Mrs. Hamilton Brag.
him, so he isolated himself on a chair and made
a quietly severe feint of being interested in the
cover of his prayer book.  Presently the bride and
bridegroom appeared, with the assistants.      Miss
Olive looked well enough, was dressed as usual,
with the indispensible veil and wreath.    The bride-
groom seemed a man of thirty and upwards,
a dark-haired person on the good-looking side
of plain.     The clergyman placed them in a
corner of the room, against a door, where they
stood with their hands joined, looking at him,
with much of the air of a couple about to th re-
ceive a lecture; the embryo husband grave, not
to say rigid, Olive with her eyes down-cast, Mrs
Chase, Mercy-Pecksniffish in the way of curls, as
a bridesmaid.                 The ceremony was neither long
nor impressive, the couple signifying assent by
bowing their heads, not by speaking.  A dry prayer
of the commonplace order concluded the business
proceedings.     The husband didn�t kiss his newly-
made wife, but such of the company as were acq-
uainted with her did, I among the number.
Boweryem, too, came tip-toeing up and, asking for
his kiss, got it.        I had quite a chat with Olive
subsequently; when rallying her about her reticence
on last Friday evening with respect to the coming               
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