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Text for Page 112 [04-19-1861]

	�Ol��s Husband.
event, she alluded to a few harmless kis-
ses which transpired on that occasion, saying
they were for the sake of old times, when she
used to admire me so, &c.; asking me to dance
with her � for the company got to this exercise
after the ceremony.      I had a talk with the
husband subsequently, and found him to be
a very good fellow, somewhat countryish
and plain-minded.    He told me Olive�s father
had taught him his trade � that of black smith
                                                      � when
a boy in Massachussetts or Maine.          He spoke
of his wife as �Ol� and said she had called
him �Ham� from their childish days.   There
may have been some liking before his departure
for California, ten years ago, but nothing of
importance, as only one or two letters passed 
between them and when he returned, last spring,
and called at the Bartows, she didn�t recog-
nize him.     However he accompanied or follow-
ed her down-east and did his wooing among
his and her kinsfolk, and this evening is the
result.        We had champagne and bride-
cake with more dancing, in the last of which
I didn�t join.            I talked principally to
Mrs. Bragg and her husband, with side gos-               
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