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Text for Page 113 [04-19-1861]

              Little Maguire Absent � why?
sip with Mrs. Case or Boley.     There was a man
who seemed to know me (one of the Bartow vi-
sitors), who told me that Ramsay was the �Tri-
bune�s� Charleston correspondent, the truth of
which I question greatly.x             To my surprise
little Maguire wasn�t present; I should as soon
have expected the absence of the bride.   When I
inquire the reason, as I did, of Mrs. Bragg
and Bartow, they admitted that she �had her
dress ready,� but said she was a �naughty girl,�
and wouldn�t come.   Furthermore, Mr. Bartow
didn�t appear.    �Here be mysteries!�    I left
with Boweryem about 11, additionally inclined
to think Ledger�s story about the heroine of
the occasion, a foul lie, and just such a one as he
would be prone to.         I find Billington had
heard the baby story also.      If it�s true, I shall
be sure to come upon the particulars some day.
  There was a good deal of marching and drum-
ming in Broadway during and after the cere-
  20.  Saturday.   Down-town with Cahill.   I,
to the �Evening Post� office.   Saw Nordhoff in the
office, Maverick up-stairs, and at the latter�s
suggestion spoke to Bryant about going down-south
in the wake of the troops to report the war.  The
	x It was true enough.               
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