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Text for Page 114 [04-19-1861]

               The War-Fever Rages.
old, white-bearded, curt-speaking editor and
poet was brusque but satisfactory.   �You were
our �Occasional Correspondent, from Charleston?�
he said, took my name and address and dis-
missed me.   In Nassau St, I met Al. Waud,
who paid me $3 for photographs furnished
to the paper, and told me that he was going
to the wars, to sketch, probably by next Wed-
nesday.      Anon we met Haney, wearing a
Union cockade and after a brief talk, Alf
went off to get his revolver and I and Haney
descended to a restaurant where he lunched.
The excitement which is raging throughout the
North like a mighty wind blowing on across
a prairie on fire, promises to whirl off other
of my acquaintances than unstable Boweryem.
Haney offered his share of the business a dead
bargain to his partner, Christopher, with some
idea of volunteering.   Parton declares he would 
go, were his health and strength adequate.
Charley Honeywell and Jack Brown, the
brother of Mort, both marched with the Seventh.
Jack Crockett (a single but �engaged� bachelor)
goes also.     And Jack Edwards was only to
be dissuaded from joining by Haney�s repre-
sentations that a �Home Guard� for New               
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