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Text for Page 115 [04-19-1861]

	 A Union Meeting.
York would give him an opportunity for the dis-
play of his military ardor and patriotism.      Jack
is yet unresolved whether to accept this compromise.
Leaving Haney, I went up-town, had dinner,
Cahill coming in during the meal, and then set
off with him to attend the Union meeting at the
square of that name.   A sunny, cool day, an
enormous crowd, Broadway out-doing the Fourth
of July in flags and banners.          Parted with
Cahill, he having to report �Stand 4�; I made
my way in front of the principal stand, into as
dense a crowd, and worse, than any I have known.
Major Anderson was on the platform, and above
it the national flag which I used to see flying
over Sumter.     Anderson a more than middle-aged, mild-
looking, short man seemed nervous and miser-
able, I thought; a Southern man, with brothers
enlisted under the flag of the �Confederate� States,
he cannot be too happy in the receipt of Northern
enthusiasm, merited as it is.      The pressure be-
came so frightful, I struggled into a stream which
bore me back to Broadway, where the mob was
endurable.        There I listened to the groups con-
versing for half-an-hour; then, faint, sick
and tired returned to Bleecker Street, meet-               
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