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Text for Page 116 [04-20-1861]

           Boweryem the Vainglorious.
ing first Hosmer and then engraver Hayes,
and having a bit of a talk with each by the way.
When I got home, I vomited, had a doze and
was all right again, when Boweryem came up
to join me.   The little man�s enthusiasm
is not now at scalding heat, yet warm enough;
he talks of the �awful hard cwowd� constitu-
ting the �Scott Guard,� and wants to be transfer-
red to an English company, said to be in
formation.     Furthermore he is for taking
out his anticipated glory in advance: he asked
me what Haney said about his volunteering?
if I had mentioned it to Bryant! (in view
of correspondence); whether he should write
to �Sally� immediately.       This is a Philadelphia
girl or rather woman, older than himself,
with whom he maintains a not overwise cor-
respondence, poetastings and elaborate rot on
his side, with very occasional feminine common-
place on hers.          Then he wondered what the
Websters would say to it and must needs
go to Fort Lee to-morrow!        Half of his 
patriotism is blatherskite and approbativeness,
the other half genuine enough.      I hope he
wont� go, and think that probable enough,
when the number of volunteers is considered,               
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