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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 118 [04-20-1861]

            The �Bohemians� at Pfaff�s.
ning, when walking down-town with Cahill;
they stopped to recognize him and we all spoke
together.)         In the cellar I found George
Arnold (with his hair cut pugilistically short
as a preventative of baldness) Sears, Banks,
Mullen and others.        Banks talked of volun-
teering (about the best thing he can do) and
Sears goes on Wednesday � he invited me to 
join his corps.    Mullen and Banks got to
wrangling; verbosity on one side, demi-brutal-
ity on t�other.      Arnold being appealed to, 
to still the squabble reminded Banks (who, of
course talked on) of an imaginary new rule
in operation there; �that no man should make
a d____d fool of himself,� which I demurred
at, as calculated to convert Pfaff�s into a
howling desert.   Shepherd, Jack Arnold,
�the doctor� came in, and others.   Shepherd
talked about volunteering, if he could obtain
some post above that of private, declaring
that he would prefer fighting against his per-
sonal friends in the South, in such a cause.
It sounded patriotic; it was a young man�s 
blatherskite.         I left very soon, Banks
clamorously demanding that I should �treat
the crowd� upon my uprising � which, of               
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