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Text for Page 119 [04-20-1861]

       Comments on the Northern Uprising.
course was compiled with.                     I am
now seeing here, in New York, the counter part
of what I witnessed in Charleston; only as one
is a big place, the other a little one, the ex-
citement is proportionate.   If I had not been
down-south, I suppose I should have felt its
influence more than I do; as it is, its pain-
ful enough.         I hear just the same assertion
of justice being all on one side; just the same
inconsiderate, prejudiced denunciation of the other.
In any mixed assemblage, it would be unsafe
to advance a word on the unpopular side; al-
most so, to assert that there are honest, honorable,
simple-hearted men on that of the South; per-
haps as many as at the North.          Extremes
meet, too; Colonel Bull�s, �We�ll burn New
York!� is parallelled by the, �God help man
woman and child of a Southern village, when
them fellows (alluding to a N.Y. regiment) gets
into it!!� of a dirty-teethed Irishman among
the mob at the Union Square meeting � whereat
the listeners laughed a foolish, brutal laugh,
unpleasant to listen to.          In short the
War spirit is abroad and giving devilish evidence
of his power to develop the evil side of us.   Of
course the patriotism is genuine enough, but               
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