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Text for Page 162 [08-24-1851]

              that he wanted me to give him a call, [words crossed out]. George,
respectable business looking, always high-flying & Icarus dropping into debt and diffi-
culty unbusiness, has-been-steadily sensual; � widow with three or four children
marrying, lofty in idea.     Albert, good looking till small pox marked, good natured
gentlemanly, vacant, no minded.     Charley, gentlemanly; ^|(in world�s sewe)| 
dishonorable, social
approbative, mobile, insincere, false and small headed. / Tired of writing more �
  25. Monday.  Made up parcel for home. Took it to Cliff Street. To Nassau
with sketch for Strong, which he manifested approval of, but doubted as to whether ad-
ditional news might not negative that about the fillibusteres.  To French�s, who 
sends it on to Boston.  Write note to Alf, in Watt�s Book-shop, & to Barth.  To
Castle Garden, then back to dinner.   Afternoon to Brooklyn & a Sergeant Buchman
(who victualleth with him now;)  With Barth and part of the time Creecy, who 
narrated stories of life during the Early Settlement of Texas.  How he and another, being
on track of fraudulent employee making stampede with niggers, risked lynching.  How
he had witnessed bowie-knife duelling; tar-and-feathering and the like.   How a 
steam-boat captain, having a passenger robbed by gambling knaves domiciled at a 
place yclept Natchez under the hill, had passed cable round their wooden dwelling and
straightway hauled them and their harbour into the river.   These and more.  Creecy 
leaving Barth
and I talk ghostly.  Lightning playing vividly outside, musquites within.   He narrateth a
ghostly story which fell under his immediate knowledge.  How a soldier (of some 
minor rank)�
being unable to hear the challenge of a Sentry was shot to the heart; how that same hour
and night, far away in Virginia, his wife and other women, there alone in the house
during a wild tempestuous night heard a voice cry aloud, again and again, calling on her
by name.
  26. Tuesday. At 10 or so across the water, through driving wind and spray
with Barth, in sail boat.   He returned almost immediately.     Made some calls in
Nassau Street, then to boarding house.  Stirred not till evening, then out to the               
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