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Text for Page 120 [04-20-1861]

hideously alloyed with hates and prejudices on
both sides.          Here are my convictions on the
  That the South has the worst of the ques-
tion, but is logically compelled to Secession
by the inherently damnable nature of Slavery.
The struggle might have been postponed awhile, but
could never have been avoided, with the conser-
vation of �the institution.�
  That the South ought to have been allowed
to secede, had the seven states now assuming
the title of Confederate, sent a properly organi-
zed delegation to Washington, declaring their
solemn intention to do so.      That as they did
not, but went about the business seperately and spasmodi-cally, in a charac-
teristically American (or lawless) manner, the
legal right is on the side of the North;
which will probably perpetuate a good deal of illegal
wrong in consequence.
  That the North has been servile and is
aggressive; that its legislating has been hostile
to the South.     That the South has thereby
been equally deluded into a false estimate
of its power and importance and exasperated.
  That there will be the worst kind of fight
between the two, but that it will not termi-               
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