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Text for Page 122 [04-20-1861]

	Alf Waud�s Home
lives in the two upper floors of a three-story house
in a row of similar ones, faced with an un-
satisfactory pinkish stone and possessing false
double doors, the deceptive nature of which
you discovered on entering.    Alf�s room exhi-
bited a table with drawing materials, a sew-
ing-machine, and a good many weapons, es-
pecially pistols, which he took delight in show-
ing to us.         After an hour or so we turned
out, accompanied him to a new house to
which he intends moving (the proposed farm
or garden proved a square of hell�s pavement)
and lay on the grass, while he visited his
future landlord.     Then we took a walk
to the water-side and a boat, rowed out and
tried fishing for a flat-fish, with rather more
than the usual success, for John caught one
and Waud pulled up a sculpin, both of
which were subsequently pitched into the
water.     Returning about 4, we went back
to the house and my companions were presen-
ted to �Mrs. Waud,� who looked very fair
and healthy, and I think not a day older
than when I saw her last, three years or
more ago.    She wore a bright blue dress,
and her hair is as red as ever.        The chil-               
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