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Text for Page 123 [04-20-1861]

	     And Family.
dren, too, are all Rufuses, the eldest (a girl
of five, whom they prefer to call �Mamy,� in lieu
of her mother�s name Mary) being extremely
carrotty.     They all look very healthy and have
the red appears in their cheeks as well as their
hair.      Selina is a girl of three, the last
has as yet only the appellation of �baby.�  We
talked awhile, went on the roof, to see the de-
parture of the steamers bearing the troops, re-
turned down-stairs and at about 7 o�clock
had dinner; which meal had been unintention-
ally delayed only three hours beyond its time.
It was a very good one, though; and Alf show-
ed hospitably, though bluntly.     Living alone
with him and forming few female acquaintances,
�Mrs. Waud� has adopted many of his ex-
pressions, as I recollect Barth�s wife did, at
Mackinac.   He talks with nearly the same free-
dom of expression he uses amongst men; will
quote a jocular brutality about �the inalienable
right of an Englishman to kick his wife in
the stomach� and the like, she taking it in
perfect good-fellowship.     To me she appeared
friendly enough, saying �it seemed natural� to
have me there.       The children were admitted to
their meal after ours, and treated vegetarian-               
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