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Text for Page 124 [04-21-1861]

              Boweryem �engaged.�
ly, Alf affecting to be a great disciplinarian
with regard to their diet.       Editor Phillips
and another visitor came after supper.    At
about 9 �, Haney, Jack and I returned to
New York, Jack saying that his mother would
think he had gone off and volunteered.  There
were crowd round the bulletin-boards of the 
newspaper-officers, and we met more troops
from Massachussetts marching down Broad-
way.    It�s worthy of remark that the brave
old Bay State should have been first in the
field, now as in the Revolution.      At 745.
Morris, Nast and Polhemus there.        Nothing
of import transpired; Nast and Sally as
usual.      By the way Alf Waud gave me
a rather felicitous caricature of Sol. Eytinge
and Tommy, the latter represented as the
dog of the former; Sol himself as an odious-
looking Jew old-clothesman.       Mrs. Wall
has, I hear, a baby; her husband is down
south.          This day, little Boweryem must
needs go to Fort Lee to see the Websters,
coming back and incontinently confiding to Mrs.
Boley and to Cahill (!!) that he was �engaged�
to Miss Adrienne Webster; that he had wal-
ked amid the trees with her, exchanged               
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