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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 126 [04-21-1861]

             His Loves and Declamation.
rosettes and all that sort of thing.   He�ll tell
me of it presently.   He�s a good little chap but
a frightful offender against the Bohemian rule
promulgated at Pfaff�s by George Arnold, being,
dreadfully prone towards making a d____d fool
of himself.   The girl is fair-faced and light
haired; they know nothing of each others natures
or dispositions � in fact the whole thing is appro-
bativeness and assininity.      He was in love with
Mary Bucklin; with Philadelphian Sally; with
Lizzy Woodward (if she hadn�t tartly nipped
the Brussels� sprouts of his young affections); with
whom you please.          He talks of returning from
the war with �a pair of eponlettes,� and actually
took his �Ode to Liberty� and got permission to
read it to the �Scott Guard.�   �Private Boweryem
will read us a poem �On Liberty,� of his Own Com-
position!� announced the Colonel, when the little
man stept forth and spouted; � 
  �Of thy glories sacred Liberty! the choral stars
are singing ��
  � And so on.   Of course he�d say glowies and
chowal staws, as he can�t utter the dog�s letter.
Ladies asked him for copies subsequently, which
delighted him immensely.       He told Cahill
all this; thereby preventing his coming up stairs               
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