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                Olive transplanted.
to take a nocturnal nip of whiskey, as invi-
ted.     And Boweryem is not at all definite-
ly informed of the demise of his wife in England.
She cut away from him and lived with a collier.
  22.  Monday.   Mrs. Boley went to see Mr.
and Mrs. Hamilton Bragg off to California;
reported that she and Mrs. Bartow (old school
friends) had a cry about it.      Maguire wasn�t
there.     She had a row with the Bartows,
and left their house some days before the wed-
ding.   �A wilful little puss!� is Mrs. Boley�s
comment.    The vessel, the North-Star, had
troops and cannon aboard, to protect it from
Jeff Davis� Southern privateersmen.    Writing
till 5 �, then out for a walk as far as Ca-
nal Street, meeting, severally, Susan Woodward,
Richardson (who told me that he intended to be
off with the 8th this week) and Shepherd, who
turned back to bear me company.  We passed
editor Phillips and Simpson, his yesterday�s com-
rade.    Returning, supped.    Boweryem brought home
Stockton, with the intelligence that he, G. B. had
got himself transferred from the �Scott Guard� into 
an English company, now in course of formation.
  In the parlor hearing Miss Geary sing; other
women came.   Up stairs drawing.   Boweryem               
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