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Text for Page 128 [04-21-1861]

          Bryant and the �Evening Post.�
and Stockton joined me subsequently, but left
about 10.   Writing.      Cahill boards here now.
He got $7 from the �Times,� for reporting last week
and Seymour helps him.     So he has paid Mrs. Bo-
ley $4 for a week�s partial board, breakfast and
supper, in advance.     His embezzlement appears
to have amounted to just $247.99.            He has
gone over the records with Larason.
  23.  Tuesday.   Down-town with Cahill, he
to �Times,� I to the �Evening Post� office.   Saw Bry-
ant; was referred to Henderson; who told me af-
ter some parley that they had four correspondents in
track of the War; three paid ones.     While we were
talking, there came by in the street, a rough-looking
volunteer �naval brigade,� who cheered for the paper,
and an old Bryant putting out his white head at
an upper window, cheered for him, and their lea-
der, a hoarse and excited person, offered to bring
Jeff. Davis� head to the editor if he wanted it.
To the �Tribune� office.   Dana according an inter-
view to a man who had called to impress him with
the one idea that no treaty could be made with
the South; its inhabitants were all perjurers &c.
My business was soon dispatched: Dana didn�t
know whether the �Tribune� might�nt want another
War Correspondent and took my address.        Then               
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