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Text for Page 129 [04-21-1861]

	More Excitement.
I went to the �Times� and �World� offices, writing
a note to Marble at the latter.                  I had pre-
viously called at Haney�s and got paid $24
for drawings, also met J. A. Wood and 
seen Frank Leslie.     Up-town, through a great
crowd, awaiting the departure of the Sixty-Ninth
and other regiments.      The day was sunny, even
oppressively warm.      In Broadway near Bleecker
Street some young woman was singing �the Red, White
and Blue� from an open window or doorway,
whereat the crowd cheered.           Loafing during
the afternoon: Cahill up.             (As we passed
through the Park this morning, Major Anderson
was holding a �le�vee,� a la Martin Chuzzlewit,
in the City Hall.)              In the evening, went to
9th street to make a call on the Woodward
girls.     Found both of them in the parlor,
Fite paying his attentions to Lizzy.      Susy told
me that she had seen Fanny Fern in Broadway
with an astoundingly patriotic bonnet, the crown
of it row covered with the starry part of a mina-
ture American flag (the stars thereon gilt) with
the stripes encircling both the crown and sides!   I
fancy her exhibiting it to Jim and his complimen-
ting it.    He really believes in her taste in dress.
Looked into Pfaff�s on returning.           The two               
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