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Text for Page 130 [04-21-1861]

         Sarah Louisa�s Quarrel with Olive.
Arnolds, Sears, Tracy, Mullen and others in
the cellar.    With his hair cropped like a convict,
George Arnold looks like something between Jack
Sheppard and a bad portrait of the first Napo-
leon.      He used to be good-looking, but Bohemia
hasn�t improved his countenance.      Indeed, glancing
round the table, I could not but think all the
faces present were quite the reverse of prepossessing.
Ugly and hard-looking were the epithets which came
into my brain respecting them.      I met Banks
at the bar on coming out when he talked of being
off possibly in a day or two, and how it was an 
awful thing to have to knock fellows on the head,
&c.                        Little Maguire dined with us
to-day; Bradshaw (who has just returned from
the country) brought her in.     I had a talk with
her, in the parlor, subsequently, about the wedding
and things.      At first she put off her non-atten-
dence at the ceremony to a prior engagement for
the opera, but presently confessed that she had 
quarrelled with Olive, in consequence of her keeping
the marriage a secret until within three or four
days preceding it.      She had no parting with
Mrs. Bragg, either before or after her assumption
of that name.        She was going to leave Bartow�s
only because they intended breaking up housekeep-               
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