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Text for Page 131 [04-22-1861]

             A Reason for going to the War.
ing, Mrs. B. intending to go to her friends down
east, Mr. B. to remain in New York.   �I suppose
they�ll put the children out on the sidewalk?�
I said.           Maguire declared that she was going
to live with her brother.               Mort Thomson
has gone to the wars, to report for the �Tribune,�
in company with the 7th; hence his marriage
may be deferred beyond the early part of next
month.      There was some talk of its occurrence
before his departure.       J. A. Wood told me to-
day that he heard that Sol Eytinge wanted to
go, and charitably ascribed it to a disgust of
home and the charming Allie � just as Bob
Gun supposed that Bellew took his wife to Eng-
land that the climate might make him a widower.
         I fancy there may be truth in Wood�s sup-
position.      Mrs. Galusha, ne� Sally Gay has visit-
ed Sol Eytinge�s household.
  24.  Wednesday.   A friendly note from Marble
� plenty of War Correspondents already.   A
letter from Hannah.       Mine reached her on the
6th, probably at the time when Griswold and
I were exploring the haunts of the 4th ward.    She
had returned from a weeks sojourn in Ban-
bury.     My mother wrote to Hannah on the day
she received my last letter, making special men-               
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