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Text for Page 132 [04-22-1861]

	News from England.
tion of it.       Apropos of a visit to Neithrop,
Hannah talks of William�s �civility� to her; how
he produced a bottle of champagne at dinner, and
how �he and his mother grinn�d when G. Gardner,
(who was there to tea) rose from the table and stood
whistling against the window.   Whatever they may
think,� she adds, �his public character is good, while
William�s is as disgraceful as I ever heard.�        He
and his sister, Sarah Ann, don�t speak to each other
� a happy family!      Rosa, my brother Charley�s
wife has given premature birth to a dead baby.
Poor Charley!   My mother and sister Rosa went
to Chigwell in consequence; their first visit; Ed-
win following on Easter Sunday      It may be the
means of creating a better feeling between the two
households.            Writing a letter to my mother; 
Cahill present part of the day.     A drizzly after-
noon.       In-doors during the evening.   I learn
from Boweryem that Alf Waud started this day
for Washington, via the at present �plug-uglyish�
city of Baltimore; which is at open hostility
with the government.
  25.  Thursday.   A lovely day, blue sky and
sunshine     Across Washington Square, where troops
of volunteers were drilling, to the 6th avenue, then
parting with Cahill, rode up to 40th street, saw               
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