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Text for Page 133 [04-23-1861]

          Dana tells me about Ramsay.
F. Wood who is now as strong a Union man
as he was a rampant Secessionist, when down
South and talks of fighting against that section
of the country, if he�s wanted!   Down-town.  Bar-
racks in course of construction in the park � long
rows of them.     Looked unsuccessfully in at
Haney�s; where were three or four work girls
adding to a pile of American flags.      Into the
�Tribune� editorial rooms, talking with Wilbour,
anon saw Dana amid a group of busy talkers.
I noticed Curtis pen in hand at a desk; he
looked up with an air of calm conceit at the
intruders.      My business with Dana was to in-
quite about Ramsay; who was, without doubt,
the �Tribune�s� Charleston correspondent.   Dana
told me his real name, Buckstone, that he has
been in New York recently, is now in Charles-
ton and will return hither.       I can now un-
derstand the letters, which were shallow and
unfair enough; the work of a young man who
did not scruple to invent acceptable matter and
very imperfectly understand what was passing
around him.             Up-town; Broadway fluttering
with flags.       In-doors during the afternoon
until 5, then out for evening paper &c.      Met
Frank Hillard, greatly excited about the war;               
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