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Text for Page 134 [04-24-1861]

	Oliver Hillard volunteers.
he read to me a letter he had sent to the �Tribune,�
denouncing the government and advocating the oc-
cupation of if not annihilation of Baltimore.  Oliver,
his brother, has volunteered, is endeavoring to raise
a regiment of Massachusetts residents in New York.
  In the evening, called at 745, expecting to
find Haney.  He wasn�t there, so as Jack opened
the door, I asked him to accompany me to the meet-
ing of the British regiment, and pending some al-
teration of his dress, went into the basement, where
were the three girls and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.
It was evidently an off night; Tommy not expected.
I sat in a big arm-chair, hat in hand, not far
from the door and talked with the elders, of course
about the war, Eliza rising from the piano at
my entrance, Sally seated on the further side of
the fire-place, book in hand, and Matty on the
nearer side of the table, reading.    Jack returned
and went out again.        I had risen in expectation,
when Sally, availing herself of some allusion of
mine to the new novel, �Silas Marner,� spoke to me,
inquiring if I had read it, and subsequently talking
of my volumes of Lamb, lent to her before my South-
ern journey.     (Her mother has purchased a four
volume edition in the interim, but the girl,
either from tact or taste, adheres to my battered               
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