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Text for Page 136 [04-25-1861]

            A Meeting at Hope Chapel.
volumes.)   I think these were the only words
we have exchanged, except �Good evenings� and
�Good Nights� for some weeks.      Presently, Mr.
Edwards, Jack and I departed for Hope Cha-
pel, kindly Mrs. Edwards saying, �You�ll come
back again!� when I bade the family �good night.�
At Hope Chapel we found a room full of people
with closed windows (which I remedied in one
instance), saw Boweryem and others on the plat-
form, heard a variety of speeches, more or
less stirring and a good deal of cheering.        Ca-
hill came in, on his reportorial duty, but was,
of course, shy of us.    Some volunteers appended
their names; the corps may number 300 men,
at present.       Before 10 o�clock we came away,
and returned to the house, where we found
Mrs. Edwards, Anne and Matty, Sally and
Eliza having gone to bed.   Stayed till 10 �,
talking of the war.        Ann commented on my
not having been there as much as usual, to which
I responded by what Dick Swiveller would
have called �a baffler,� in the remark that she
was not always out when I came.     The house
is changed to me since Tommy�s advent: I
shan�t increase my visits and can be very 
well spared.        Haney will go, despite the               
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