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              [printed poem written by George Boweryem]

  We are One Thousand strong,
     To battle for the Right;
  And this shall be our song,
     As we march into the fight:
       With Columbia�s banner o�er us,
       And the traitor-ranks before us,
       Let Freedom be the chorus
          Of the British Volunteers!
       Now hearken to the cheers
          Of the British Volunteers!
		{Chorus of cheering.}

  True, loyal sons are we
     Of Britain�s sea-girt isle,��
  The refuge of the free,
     The terror of the vile.
       Tremble, traitors, at the beaming
       Of our starry banner, gleaming,
       When, like a torrent streaming,
          Come the British Volunteers!
       Dealing death amid their cheers,
          Come the British Volunteers!

  When the British brave unite,
     Heart to heart and hand to hand,
  For Freedom�s cause to fight,
     Shall Wrong the Right withstand?
       Our sacred banner o�er us,
       And rebels base before us,
       And Liberty the chorus
          Of the British Volunteers!
       How terrible the cheers
          Of the British Volunteers!

  Where Freedom�s banner waves,
     Over land or over sea,
  It shall not cover slaves;
     They shall touch it, and be free!
       Tremble, tyrants, at the flashing
       Of our arms, when onward dashing,
       You shall hear the fetters crashing,
          Broke by British Volunteers!
       And your slaves give back the cheers
          Of the British Volunteers!

  When the battle rages round,
     And the rolling of the drum,
  And the trembling of the ground
     Tell usurpers that WE COME!�
       Then the War�s deep-rolling thunder
       Shall our lightnings cleave asunder,
       And our enemies shall wonder
          At the British Volunteers;
       Shall wonder at the cheers
          Of the British Volunteers!

  God of Freedom! give Thy Might
     To the spirits of thy sons!
  To their bayonets in fight!
     To the death within their guns!
       Let their deeds in battle gory
       Burn and brightly shine in glory
       When the World shall read the story
          Of the British Volunteers!
       And echo back the cheers
          Of the British Volunteers!


          17 Broadway, New York, April 27th, 1861.
		D. HYNE, PRINTER, 162 William Street, N. Y.               
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