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Text for Page 138 [04-25-1861]

	The Alteration at 745.
aching of old wounds and with a secret feeling
that there�s something inimical in the atmosphere to-
wards him, killing the old friendly familiarity.
Altogether I don�t think Tommy has bettered the
household.    Had the little chuff been a gentle-
man, his position might have been delightfully
recognized and tenderly sympathized with by all
of us; as �tis he makes a vulgar triumph of
it and much happiness may it bring him.   Sally�s
eyes will look otherwise than lovingly at some
traits of character in her squat admirer, before
long, perhaps.            Of the caricatures he did
of Nicholas, one was elaborate, drawn in cold
blood, at home, and the girls stuck it up on
the mantle-piece.   Haney commented on this in-
dignantly in relating it to me, declaring that
had he been the subject, he would incontinently
have ceased visiting 745.       He thinks so.      Nich-
olas talks of volunteering with Jack Crockett.
  �Officer Mortimer Thomson� returned to New
York this morning, bearing dispatches.    Wilbour
supposed he would return.
  26.  Friday.   Writing during the morning,
Cahill up part of the time.    After dinner I had
a certain German up in my room who came to
board here the other day, advised to it by Bob               
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