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	Cahill drunk again.
Gun in England, from which country he has
recently arrived.   He is a six-footer, bearded;
has lived for a year in the East Indies and in
China; says he deals in Indigo and contemns
New York.  His name sounds like Veal.    With
Cahill we went out to the �Store� together.  Leaving
the German at the Metropolitan, I returned,
wrote till 5, then went down-town, meeting Frank
Hillard again by the way.          Evening, in-doors
with Shepherd, who called and stopped till 10.
It seems that Cahill was really drunk on the
Sunday night subsequent to the morning that he
went to Bellews� church; which he lied about
to me, when I asked him about it.    He came
into the �Optimus� with his ship-comrade, both
inebriated, when Shepherd was there; whom
he got to write out his notes for the paper.   They
slept together afterwards, Cahill in his clothes,
outside the bed.       I think he has kept pretty
sober since.
  27.  Saturday.   Writing &c., till near 5.   At
2 � F. Wood came up, wanting to get particulars
wherewith to assail the amiable Dodge, recently
of Charleston but now of this city, having left Caro-
lina; as he asserts, because he would not fight against
the Union!     The fellow is such carrion that I               
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