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Text for Page 140 [04-25-1861]

          One Doughface hunting Another.
don�t object to setting the dogs on him, though
I wouldn�t care to join in the hunt myself, so
I told F. W. what I knew.         It is edifying to
find him rampantly vindictive on the subject; he
who, in his degree, emulated Dodge in talking
Secession when in Charleston; being all the time
in craven fear of the people; as he is now
blatant against them.      Such Northerners
as these would justify the Southern scorn and
detestation of them.       Cahill was up during
Wood�s visit, or part of it; he showed me, in high
glee, a receipt for $5 from Larason, on Mrs.
Lev.�s account, the which I persuaded him to
pay.    (He earned $23.0 from the �Times� this
week.)       Down-town; was called to by Welden
and another from a Broadway drinking-place.    To
Haney�s office; he not there; returned up-town
by omnibus.     At 7 out with Vieil, the German,
as far as the Brevoort House, then left him
and to H 16th street.     Saw Miss Cooper, who
told me that Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Griffin, with
Gladdy, have sailed for England.       In Haney�s
room, with him till 11.       We talked of the war,
of Tommy and Sally and incidentals.        Haney
finds the social atmosphere of 745 incongenial,
when Tommy�s one of the ingredients.     The girls,               
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