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Text for Page 141 [04-26-1861]

	   Haney at 745.
especially Matty, rather resent his not joking as
much as usual, when the thing is impossible with
the consciousness of an unfriendly element in the
party.         You feel as though you were being listen-
ed at, not to.             Haney suspects that Tommy tries
to be funny at his expense, behind his back, ex-
ulting in his presumed discomfiture, and thinks
that Sally abets her admirer in this.         when
Haney left, last night, at 9 � (an hour and a 
half earlier than usual) Matty thanked him for
his company.  Polhemus and Tousey were there,
also Tommy.      The first two young fellows are
rudimentary in the way of conversation; though
Haney says young Tousey is a good, honest, sharp
business fellow, with, he suspects, a hankering
after Matty, which Haney professes to approve 
of, and hope for its development.     We both agree
in our present estimate of the unpleasing featu-
res of Sally�s wooing.        Doubtless Nast tells
Sol Eytinge everything and he (who detests
Haney, inasmuch as he believes him to be the
cause of his marriage with Allie) exults in
his pupil�s triumph over the enemy.    Pro-
bably Allie know and shares the feeling; thus
invisible threads stretch, throughout our surround-
ings and from past to present.                 I got               
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