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Text for Page 143 [04-27-1861]

	Incidental Details
so much gammon.     Apart from it being a
gushing womanly thing to holla on and to lie
about in print, I don�t think Fanny loves her
children; she would tyrannize over, quarrel
with, abuse and possibly strike them in any
of her devil�s humors; she might be generous,
but couldn�t be just or gentle.     Lotty�s poor
little brat was made over to Whytal; his kins-
folk reared it; she never caring even to see
it.       And �Maggie,� or �Allie�s� Pearl comes
in the same category.             By the way, there was
a certain Burr who had her as his strumpet,
during her assumed �marriage� with the mise-
rable little dentist; he, Burr, was mean, though
a rich man and didn�t care about keeping
her, as he intimated in jocular conversation
with Haney.      She had met Clapp, too, at
some �Free Love� haunt, before her marriage
with Sol, hence, perhaps, his desire to renew
the intimacy.    I don�t suppose she has been
faithful to Eytinge, for sundry reasons.     First
and principally because she�s a bad woman;
secondly because it becomes a necessity with
her class to go through the dreary formula
of confidences about being unappreciated &c., to
do the sham emotional, which Sol has grown               
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